Aberdeen manager Craig Brown urges Fifa action on compensation fees

Interview - Aberdeen boss Craig Brown

Aberdeen manager Craig Brown has urged Fifa to change compensation rules for clubs who develop young players.

The Pittodrie boss was speaking after 18-year-old Ryan Fraser turned down a new contract with the Dons.

"English clubs take a gamble and make boys starry-eyed with a bigger wage," said Brown.

"But if they had to pay compensation commensurate with a transfer fee, it wouldn't happen at Fifa level. The compensation should be far, far more."

And Brown added: "With the new set-up, when they're out of contract, they're going on compensation only.

"It'll happen again - for certain it'll happen again. If we could stop it happening, we would stop it.

"So, I appeal to Fifa - they made the rules about compensation, for that they deserve credit - now, review it, make it a reasonable compensation amount."

Brown also conceded defeat in his attempt to keep the young winger at the club.

"He's decided his future's elsewhere, so we've got to accept that. We shrug our shoulders, we're disappointed, and we accept his decision," he said.

"You have to accept that - with reluctance.

"He said it wasn't about money; the indication was he wanted to play in a different environment.

"So, that's his decision - or it's the decision that's been afforded him by his representatives."

However, Brown insisted that the Pittodrie club would continue down the path of producing youngsters.

"I can't think of another club in the SPL which has lost five players - six if Ryan Fraser goes - for money which is disappointing," he said.

Last January, Jack Grimmer, now 18, left the Dons for Fulham after making only four appearances for the Scottish Premier League club.

He was followed by 19-year-old midfielder Fraser Fyvie, who joined Wigan Athletic after rejecting the offer of a contract extension.

Fyvie has made only three appearances for his new club, in the League Cup, while Grimmer has yet to feature for Fulham.

"It's not unique to Aberdeen," contended Brown. "And it's not an indictment on Aberdeen - because this is a development club.

"We're producing them, but, unfortunately, they're going."