Luton P-P Ebbsfleet Utd

Luton's game against Ebbsfleet was postponed because of a waterlogged pitch less than 30 minutes before the game was scheduled to start.

The decision came after both sides had already named their starting line-ups.

"The referee said at 2pm it was playable and he would review it again at 2.30," Luton boss Paul Buckle told BBC Three Counties Radio.

"We didn't have much rain in that time. I was astonished. The pitch was absolutely perfect at midday."

He added: "Yes, there's been some rain but it drains away quickly off this pitch.

"He said 'the ball is not bouncing'. But he went into the six-yard box where it is muddy at every stadium.

"I said 'as long as the ball can move quickly and freely the game needs to go ahead'.

"I'm as amazed as our fans that it's off.

"This isn't dangerous. I'm fully aware that if the ball doesn't bounce on the pitch it can be dangerous.

"I'm sure all our fans are angry. We could have done some catching up today and we're facing a bit more of a fixture pile-up.

"I never got any indication Ebbsfleet wanted it off. The referee wasn't influenced by either side."