Truro City could leave Treyew Road in next two years

Truro City

Truro City could leave Treyew Road within the next two years.

The Blue Square Bet South club's ground could be sold to a development company, who plan to turn the site on the edge of Truro into a supermarket.

But chairman Pete Masters has told BBC Cornwall that the club will not move until they have a suitable new home.

The ground is currently owned by a firm called JoJo Investco, but developers Helical Bar have an option to buy it and develop it for retail.

The ownership of Treyew Road was a major stumbling block as the club

Masters and fellow businessman Philip Perryman and he is now in talks with Helical Bar.

"They (Helical Bar) have outline planning permission from Cornwall Council if they buy it off JoJo Investco," Masters said.

"If they get planning on it then we will get relocated."

There is a covenant on the ground which states that the club has to be re-housed before any new development can take place at Treyew Road.

"The timescale is two years plus, but there's a lot of negotiations to go on before then," Masters added.

"I understand there are other options surrounding the ground at Treyew Road. There are another 15-16 acres around it with options on it, so we could stay where we are but in a different location."

Another option for the club could be the long-awaited stadium for Cornwall.

Plans for a 10,000 seat Stadium at Threemilestone were after Cornwall Council voted against £10m of taxpayer funding, but private developers, including the Cornish Pirates, have for a 4,000-seat arena on the site.

"I've not spoken to anyone from the Cornish Pirates," Masters said.

"But it is an option and, in fairness to the Cornish Pirates and their owner, they'll need to see what plans we have in hand to go in with them if that is the right way to go forward.

"There is a lack of finance at the moment to get the thing kick-started and, if Truro can play their part in it and we all get something out of it, I will have done a good job."