Torquay P-P Chesterfield

The League Two match between Torquay and Chesterfield has been postponed because of a waterlogged pitch.

Heavy rain in Devon on top of an already heavy surface at Plainmoor has led to the second postponement at Torquay in a month, after their game with Exeter was called off in December.

"It is massively frustrating for us," said Torquay manager Martin Ling.

"It's putting us in a situation where we are struggling to find available slots in the calendar."

He continued: "We still have 20 games to play in the season and our next match at Exeter, a week on Monday, takes us to the end of January, leaving us just three months to fit in the remaining games.

"We will be playing on a Tuesday night most weeks and this is without considering even more bad weather to come."

But Ling says there was little choice but to call off the game:

"When we looked at the pitch this morning, we had to call in a referee to be fair to all concerned.

"He looks at the pitch to see the percentage chance of the game being on and he has to do an assessment.

"You work on percentages and the referee shook his head as soon as he walked on the pitch.

"We could perhaps wait if it was Exeter or Plymouth and they are just down the road, but the decision has to be made earlier when you have a team travelling a long distance."