Gillingham's Charlie Lee insists he did not score own goal

Charlie Lee

Gillingham midfielder Charlie Lee has protested his innocence after being credited with York's goal on Saturday.

Lee failed to deal with Patrick McLaughlin's corner after 17 minutes but says he made no contact.

"It is outrageous," he told BBC Radio Kent. "It took a bit of a funny bounce and leapt over me but I definitely didn't touch it.

"I feel sorry for the geezer who scored the goal. He just scored from the corner and he's not been given it."

He joked: "Where's this dubious goals committee?"

It turned out to be an eventful day for the 26-year-old, who received a nasty blow to the head after clashing with York's Lanre Oyebanjo.

He received lengthy treatment on the field and needed further medical attention after attempting to continue.

An examination after the game proved that he did not have a concussion but Lee added some of his teammates might not have passed the test, even without a blow to the head.

"It was the old 'follow the finger' after the game," he continued.

"I had to remember the number 718462 and repeat it backwards. I can't get it out of my head now.

"There's no way Callum [Davies] and Connor [Essam, now at Crawley] would be able to do that. Connor can't even count to ten.

"A few of the boys might have struggled without a concussion but I passed it so it was all good."