Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger riled by new contract reports

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger denies reports of new contract

Arsene Wenger has vehemently denied reports he is going to be offered a two-year contract extension by Arsenal.external-link

The 63-year-old showed his irritation at a news conference ahead of Wednesday's Champions League last-16 tie against Bayern Munich.

"It's the wrong information," said the manager, whose Arsenal side has not won a trophy since the 2005 FA Cup.

"I think I deserve a bit more credit than wrong information that has only one intention - to harm."

The Gunners were knocked out of the FA Cup by Blackburn on Saturday, which means that success in the Champions League is the club's only realistic hope of silverware this season.

They also fell to Bradford in the Capital One Cup quarter-finals and are 21 points behind Premier League leaders Manchester United.

Wenger also became annoyed when questioned about that FA Cup defeat.

"Here this is a pre-match conference for the Champions League. If you want to talk about Saturday, that press conference has been made after the game," he said.

"Can we get some questions about tomorrow's game? That would be very nice."

However, he did say: "I've been accused of not taking the FA Cup seriously. I won the FA Cup four times. Who has won it more? Give me one name.

"The second thing, we were accused of not putting a strong team out. That's an insult to the players who started the game - there were 11 international players. We accept we have to take the blame, but the rest you have to put into perspective."

Wenger then said his side would brush off any criticism aimed at the club.

"What is important is to forget what people say and focus on our strengths.

"We play for Arsenal in the last 16 of the Champions League. We have reached this stage over the past few years [every season since 2003-04].

"We live in a democracy of experts and opinions, but we have to live with that and show we have the mental strength to deal with any opinion. There are a lot of experts who are not necessarily always right.

"What is important is not what people say. It is what happens on the pitch."

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