Uefa Regions' Cup: Jersey's Stuart Andre could still feature

By Tim PryorBBC Radio Jersey in San Marino
Stuart Andre missed Thursday's win over Ireland

Former Jersey captain Stuart Andre could still feature for England in the Uefa Regions' Cup in San Marino.

The 28-year-old is suffering from a chest infection that

"He's still a little bit delicate," Jersey and England boss Craig Culkin told BBC Radio Jersey.

"We'll give him every opportunity to get himself fit - the whole team did well so it'll be a difficult one for Stuart to get back in."

He added: "The doctors thought there might be a hint of pneumonia but he's still got a chesty cough."

The Jersey Football Combination squad are representing England amateurs in Group Six of the tournament and got off to a winning start against Ireland.

Andre, who returned from time away travelling in Thailand to join the squad, watched the 2-1 victory from the sidelines at the Stadio di Montecchio.

Despite still suffering from a cough he did manage to train separately from the rest of the squad on Thursday afternoon.

Jersey's top amateurs face Northern Ireland's Eastern Region, who also won their opening fixture, on Friday night at Stadio di Serravalle.