Truro City boss lee Hodges takes blame for Bromley loss

Truro City

Truro City boss Lee Hodges says his decision to change formation at half-time cost his side the chance to win at Bromley at the weekend.

City were behind after just 24 seconds after Ali Fuseini's goal.

Louie Theophanous scored two minutes after the break before Pierre Joseph-Dubois netted twice.

"We changed the formation around. It just seemed as though it got a bit flat and we started to concede too easily," Hodges told BBC Radio Cornwall.

"It's part of my learning curve as well, you make decisions and sometimes they go for you but today they didn't.

"I felt we were getting overrun in midfield and I tried to change things and get a solid base but it didn't happen.

"I've told them not to be too down. We've got another big game on Tuesday and if we go into it sulking and down we'll get beaten on Tuesday even more heavily."

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