Nottingham Forest: Fawaz Al Hasawi committed to Davies

Davies can be Forest's Ferguson

Nottingham Forest owner Fawaz Al Hasawi insists manager Billy Davies is a long-term appointment and can be their equivalent to legendary Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

Ferguson is the most successful boss in British football, winning 37 trophies during 26 years at Old Trafford.

In an exclusive interview with BBC Midlands Late Kick Off, Fawaz said: "Billy will be with us like Ferguson is with Manchester United. I mean that.

"I would like him to stay with us."

Davies was appointed Forest boss for a second time in February - and became the wealthy Kuwaiti owners' fourth manager in seven turbulent months in charge.

The Al Hasawis received widespread condemnation for their trigger-happy approach, with rumours rife that they were interfering with team selection and tactics.

But owner and chairman Fawaz Al Hasawi chose to stay silent about the speculation and upheaval at the City Ground until agreeing to record an exclusive interview with the BBC regional football programme Late Kick Off.

Since his arrival, Davies has guided the Reds into the Championship play-off places having won six games in a row following a 1-1 draw in his first game in charge.

And Fawaz Al Hasawi is in no doubt he made the correct move and was quick to deny meddling in team affairs.

"If I am a dictator I would not bring Billy Davies into my club because he doesn't like people to interfere in his job; he is a strong manager," Al Hasawi said.

"He is doing his job and I am doing my job. We are doing the right things together. We are answering back these people.

"I said I never liked to talk. When many talk badly about me and my family, I did not say anything or talk back because you give them attention. I didn't want to do that. I want to show Nottingham Forest on the field and we did that.

"Everything was difficult when it started. There was no consistency so we changed to another manager and another manager until we got the right manager and I am really happy with Billy. The players are all the same but maybe Billy has the magic stick.

"From the beginning I didn't want to do anything in the club but when I saw what was going on I brought in Billy Davies and I am happy.

"The atmosphere has changed, the spirit has changed. Everything has changed since Billy has joined - and changed in a good way. Everyone is working harder and harder and that's what I want."

Al Hasawi said he enjoys a great relationship with his Scottish manager and insists re-instating him was a popular move with the fans.

He said: "I always look for the best and I know he did a wonderful job for Nottingham Forest and everybody wants him. The fans love him - and I don't blame them.

"I have known Billy Davies for two months, maybe less, but it feels like I have known him longer. We are of a similar mentality, he wants to win and I want to win.

"We talk on a daily basis. The relationship is very good."

And Al Hasawi also insists that he and his family are committed to bringing success to Forest and will be with the club for many years to come - even if they do not win promotion this season.

"Every game is like a final for us. We want to [win] as much as we can not only to get into the play-offs but to go directly to the Premier League. That is our target. Nothing is impossible.

"It is not easy to go to the Premier League and we will work hard. I trust Billy, his staff and the players and they know they are doing the right job. Maybe it will happen. Nobody knows. I hope we will do it.

"I love Nottingham Forest now, and I want to win. Maybe [promotion] will not happen this season but we will try next season or the season [after]. We will try our best.

"Nottingham Forest are a club who belong to the Premier league. It is a big club."

Al Hasawi also said funds would be available to take Forest to the next level if they do get promoted.

"When I bought the club, I bought 17 players. And all the players have been picked by the managers," he added. "If we were go to the Premier League I am sure different players will come but of course the manager will decide - not me. It is his call, but I am sure he will look for the best."

Kuwaiti ambition delights Davies

Al Hasawi, who said he was first made aware of Forest when they won the old Division One championship and back-to-back European Cups in 1979 and 1980, also said he has become a huge fan of the club.

"When I brought Nottingham Forest it wasn't like this," he explained. "But now I am a really big, big fan of Nottingham Forest. I like to be there every match and I am proud to be there. I want to stay for a long time, not for one or two years.

"For me it is a hobby more than a business. I like the challenge and I want to put Nottingham Forest in the Premier League. I don't care about the business in football because I have other business."

And his ambition does not stop at securing domestic glory, with the Forest owner declaring he also wants the side to be crowned European champions for a third time.

"Why not? We were there before and we can do it again," he said. "Maybe one day I will put a third star on the shirt for Nottingham Forest."

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