Neil Warnock: Plymouth Argyle have Premier League potential

Warnock says Plymouth can aim for Premier League

Former Plymouth Argyle manager Neil Warnock says the club has the potential to become a Premier League side.

Plymouth is the largest city in England never to have had a top flight club.

The Pilgrims are currently fighting relegation from League Two after financial problems and a period of administration saw them drop two divisions in two seasons from 2009-11.

"It would be a real challenge to get Plymouth into the Premiership, but it is quite possible," Warnock said.

"I've been there, seen it and done it with other clubs," Warnock added to BBC Late Kick Off.

Warnock, was manager of Argyle between June 1995 and February 1997.

In that time he led Argyle to Division Three (now League Two) play-off victory in 1996 but was sacked with three months left of the following season.

Warnock, who has a house in Cornwall, went on to manage the likes of and Sheffield United, both of whom he led to the top flight.

And while Warnock says he is still considering retiring from frontline management, he says he would consider a role supporting the manager of a club.

"I still think there's a massive gap between a manager and the owners of a club," he said.

"I don't like the title 'director of football', but that sort of position where you can help the manager and you're not a threat to him because I think all managers need help."

Argyle were and while Warnock would not directly say if he would consider a return to a role at Argyle, he did say he regularly talks with Brent.

"I speak to James quite a lot and everybody owes James a lot. If he hadn't come along I doubt there'd be a Plymouth that's how important it was. He knows I'd support the club with whatever I can do."