Charles Green's greatest hits

Charles Green

Charles Green has announced he is stepping down from his role as chief executive of Rangers. BBC Scotland takes a look back at some of the best quotes from a plain-talking, if somewhat controversial Yorkshireman.

Green on catching "Rangersitis" and pledging not to leave the club until the Champions League theme is playing at Ibrox:

Dallas Cowboys
Green claimed Rangers were striking up a partnership with the Dallas Cowboys

"I am Rangers. I'm running that club, I'm making the decisions and I'm going to protect that club with my life. No one's ever going to abuse it. I've started to catch Rangers-itis. What I do see now is an opportunity to finish it and take it back to greatness. I won't leave before Champions League music's playing at Ibrox. But I've already changed my mind once, so it may be I end up changing my mind until we win it (the Champions League)."

Green on Premier League side Aston Villa:

"How can Manchester United's revenues be £320m and Aston Villa, who are completely useless, get £250m?"

Green on Manchester United's eagerness to have Rangers in the Premier League (United later denied this):

"I don't believe the Premier League are hostile towards it, I think it's a generalisation. Speak to Manchester United, they are not hostile to Rangers joining."

Green on receiving death threats from Rangers fans:

"I got death threats. There were lots of threats. I have had visits from Strathclyde Police who were treating the threats seriously. They explained how the staff should look for strange packages and how I should make checks myself, including my car."

Green on the reasons why the Ibrox club had been consigned to the Third Division of Scottish football:

"Some of it has been driven by bigotry, some of its been driven by jealousy and some of it's been driven by all the wrong motives."

Green on the performances of Rangers in their first season in the Third Division:

"This is probably the worst Rangers team you have ever seen. Nobody is happy, the fans aren't happy, the board isn't happy and Ally McCoist isn't happy."

Green responding to the accusation that his claims Rangers were lining up a partnership deal with the Dallas Cowboys were bogus:

"I don't care what they've said. I've just told you categorically, in front of the camera, when this interview finishes, I will show you an email where we are invited to go to Dallas Cowboys. The email came in three days ago." (He never produced the email).

Green on his plain-talking nature:

"You won't always like what you hear from me but you'll definitely get the truth and you'll know exactly what our team are planning to do."

Fish and chips
Green claimed the only good thing in newspapers was fish and chips

Green on claims that Rangers are a completely new club and cannot cherry pick from the oldco's history:

"There is no reverse gear, it's just we'd be going forward in a different way. We have had good advice and we intend to preserve all the history and tradition."

Green on Celtic and Rangers leaving Scottish football to play in England:

"Whether it is next week, because the English authorities change their mind, or in five to 10 years, Rangers and Celtic will leave Scotland."

Green on newspaper reports that he was planning to replace Ally McCoist with a new manager:

"The only good thing you get in newspapers nowadays is fish and chips."

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