Promotion to Football League vital says Wrexham's Andy Morrell

Andy Morrell

Conference Premier Promotion Final: Newport County v Wrexham

Sunday, 5 May
15:00 (BST)
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Andy Morrell says failure to secure a Football League return could have financial implications for Wrexham's future.

Wrexham will be promoted if they beat Newport in the Conference Final.

"We've had a good go at it for the last couple of years to try and get out of this division and we've still got a chance of getting out of it this year," he said.

"But if we don't you have to cut your cloth accordingly."

The player-manager added: "We've had a really good two years financially.

"We've sold a few players that we had to, had a good cup run last year and had a good cup run this year.

"The finances aren't that bad, but the expectation is you've got to get out of this league and that's the problem."

Morrell warned that failure to secure a Football League return after an absence of five years could see him having to let players go.

But until Wrexham know in which division they will be playing in next season Morrell will not discover his budget until after Sunday's game.

"These decisions are all to be made. If you're out of it, or up already, you can make the decision [because] you know where you stand," Morrell added.

"But at the moment we don't. We could be Football League or not Football League.

"The budget could be double what it is or half of what it is and we just don't know.

"The hard bit is they [players] all want to know and we can't tell them.

"I'd like to keep them all if I can do because they're great lads and that's why we've brought them to the club.

"You can't physically keep them all, it's impossible, especially if you want to reinvent yourself and go again next season."

Wrexham have already proved success at Wembley this season, winning the FA Trophy with a penalty shoot-out victory over Grimsby.

But Morrell admits Wrexham would swap their FA Trophy win for promotion back into the Football League.

"The Trophy is a cup game, there's a trophy at the end of it and that's great," Morrell added.

"But the rewards at the end of the game here are huge. It's bigger than the Trophy - it's the Football League.

"It's money to the club, it's money to all the players in bonuses and the whole accumulative effect of it.

"I just think the prize at the end of it is so much more."

Sport Wales will preview the Conference Promotion Final this Friday at 22:00 BST on BBC Two Wales.

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