Fears Dundee could lose potential US investors

Dens Park, Dundee

Dundee could lose their potential American investors to another Scottish club, according to financial director Ian Crichton.

Crichton has urged the fans to accept what he says is a good offer and that Keyes Capital's credentials stand up to financial scrutiny.

There are suggestions that three other Scottish clubs are keen to talk to the Texans about investment.

"That's a great danger and I hope it doesn't happen," said Crichton.

"But, if we don't engage with them them and if the supporters society want information, let's get specifics as to exactly what they do want and make sure that information is disseminated both to the supporters society and to the fans at large."

The Dundee Supporters Society, which represent Dundee fans on the board and have half of the six seats in the boardroom, is to ask its members views on the £1.5m Texan investment at the club in the coming weeks.

However, other board members fear that the process may take too long and allow other clubs to woo the Americans.

"We feel that is too late," Crichton told BBC Scotland. "If we are going to put additional money into the squad, it needs to go in now.

"We saw the results last year of money coming in late to the club and the squad being put together at a very late stage and we don't want to repeat that."

Dundee were quickly detached at the bottom of the Scottish Premier League and were unable to escape relegation despite a late revival after John Brown replaced Barry Smith as manager.

"Ideally, we'd like to keep the core of a team that was on the park this year," said Crichton about the forthcoming First Division campaign.

"In order to do that, we feel we need to show them the positive financial steps being taken to the club, the positive steps within the coaching set-up - and give us the budget to give them a living wage to attract them to stay with us and that needs to be done as soon as possible.

"We need to get external funding to give us as strong a team both on the park and also structurally to provide some coaching back up and a proper coaching and scouting system."

Dundee have had previous takeovers that have not turned out the way the Dens Park faithful had hoped.

However, Crichton added: "I think it's a good offer. People know that, when you put money into football teams, it's a bit of a black hole.

"We've had substantial investment over the past two years from Bill Colvin, who is now a member of the board.

"The offer on the table includes Bill again putting substantial money into the club and to me that gives it a great deal of credence, because he's a hard-nosed businessman, because he has checked out and is happy with the credentials of the US partners."

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