St Mirren captain Jim Goodwin angered by Celtic friendly

Scott Brown and Jim Goodwin

St Mirren captain Jim Goodwin has expressed anger at Celtic being allowed to postpone a league match in order to play a friendly.

Celtic were due to host the Paisley side on 10 August, but

Goodwin viewed the move by the Scottish Premier League as a mockery of the game.

"I understand from a financial view what it does for Celtic, but for the game here it is ridiculous," he said.

"I'm very frustrated. I don't agree with it. It doesn't happen anywhere else in the world. I can't see why it happens here.

"It's obviously worth a lot of money to Celtic. Going to play Liverpool in Dublin in the Aviva Stadium will no doubt draw a full house.

"There is massive revenue at stake for Celtic but I don't see why it can't be organised during pre-season. Why the SPL allow this to happen doesn't make sense.

"We have been unfortunate to be the club who drew this fixture. We are looking to get off to a good start and gain a bit of momentum.

"But we'll come back from our holidays, play one game and then have another two-week break.

"We'll just have to get on with it. Maybe the manager might decide to squeeze in a friendly himself. Or maybe we'll be able to get in a wee round of golf."

St Mirren will start their top-flight campaign with a trip to Inverness on 3 August.

"August is the best time of year to go up there to Inverness," added Goodwin.

"The pitch will be immaculate and the weather will be alright. Certainly, it's better than heading up there in December time.

"We're pleased with the first game. It's always hard up there but it's one that will get us up for the season ahead."

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