Players to receive PFA guidance about tackling racist language

John Terry

Premier League and Football League players will receive guidance from the Professional Footballers' Association about tackling racist language.

The PFA sessions will focus on what is deemed banter or acceptable jibes towards opponents and what is not.

Managers of all 92 clubs have been contacted by the PFA asking them to make sure the players attend.

PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor said: "We need to avoid any embarrassment again after recent cases."

Racism is still a "significant problem" in football

During the last two seasons Chelsea defender John Terry and Liverpool striker Luis Suarez have both received bans for racial abuse.

New FA sanctions carry a minimum five-match ban for a first offence of racist or homophobic abuse.

In the sessions, players will be given scenarios where abuse occurs - either from fans or from other players - and guided as to their correct response.

They will also be asked to judge what they regard as dressing-room banter and told whether their views are appropriate.

As well as racist and homophobic language, players will also be warned not to use discriminatory terms referring to religion or disability.

Players will also be warned that new contracts will carry clauses making abuse a gross misconduct offence that could lead to immediate dismissal by a club.

The letter from the PFA to the managers states: "We are looking to arrange this session in the near future and would appreciate you ensuring players attend as a matter of priority."

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