Peter Dornan makes call for Sunday games in Irish League

Former Linfield player Peter Dornan, an independent director with the company set to run the Irish League, wants more matches to be played on Sundays.

Dornan advocates greater flexibility in fixture dates in order to attract more people to Irish League games.

"Playing more on Friday or Sunday, whatever it takes, to attract people to a family environment," he said.

However, Linfield boss David Jeffrey said he doesn't believe the Blues will play matches on a Sunday.

"There are things which are very important to people on a Sunday and maybe sport would come second," added Jeffrey.

Cliftonville manager Tommy Breslin supported the plan and Dornan is aware that changes need to be made to give the Irish League a much-needed boost.

"It needs improvement, it needs looked at and everything is on the table throughout the next year to see what changes we need to try to improve the structure and attraction of the game," he added.

"I would encourage clubs to play on a Sunday - it's a step we must take to come in line with every other league in Europe that plays on Sunday.

"I'm not saying we must play the whole league on Sunday, but if clubs want to play for specific reasons, of course they should be played and encouraged to play."

Glentoran defeated Bangor in the first Irish League game on a Sunday in 2008.