Mauritania surge up Fifa rankings

Patrice Neveu

Mauritania have made the biggest rise in Fifa's latest world rankings.

The west African nation moved up 21 places to break into the top 50 on the continent, sitting in 40th position in the global list.

Their victory over Senegal in a two-legged qualifier for the African Nations Championship has helped them rise to 151st position in the world.

In contrast, Equatorial Guinea have slipped more places than any other side, falling 32 places to drop out of the top 25 in the continent, at 25th place, and 99th in the world.

Fifa's next rankings, for August, will decide the seedings for the African play-offs for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Top 10 in Africa:

1 Ivory Coast (18 in the world)

2 Ghana (24)

3 Mali (32)

4 Algeria (34)

5 Nigeria (35)

6 Cape Verde Islands (36)

7 Burkina Faso (48)

8 Cameroon (51)

9 Tunisia (53)

10 Zambia (60)