England v Scotland: Hutchison urges brave display at Wembley

Don Hutchison heads the winner at Wembley in 1999

England v Scotland

Wembley Stadium
Wednesday, 14 August
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Scotland can beat England at Wembley if they are brave enough, according to Don Hutchison.

Hutchison, who headed the winner for Scotland in the Euro 2000 play-off qualifier, said the Scots have nothing to fear.

"If Gordon Strachan is brave, and I think he will be, Scotland can win," he said.

"Why not? England are a talented side but there's no reason why Scotland should be afraid."

Hutchison described his winner at Wembley in 1999 - the Scots won 1-0 on the night but lost 2-1 on aggregate - as the most memorable of his career.

"I was lucky enough to score a lot of goals in the Premier League but that one tops them all," said the 26-time capped former midfielder.

"England v Scotland is one of the biggest games in world football and walking away with the winner at Wembley was pretty special.

"I was proud of what we'd done but ultimately we lost the tie - that was the biggest factor - and everyone in the dressing room was disappointed."

Hutchison, whose clubs included West Ham, Liverpool and Everton, said the Scots should not be overawed.

He added: "Wayne Rooney is probably their main player but he's not 100% fit - he won't be able to get around the pitch as much as the Scotland boys.

"The 20,000 Scotland fans going to Wembley will want to see pride restored and some expansive football."

Former Scotland boss Craig Brown, who was in charge when the Scots won at Wembley in 1999, said: "I think it's more important that we qualify for the European Championships next time than it is to win at Wembley.

"But a win against the Auld Enemy would be a bonus."

Brown said he was optimistic about Scotland's chances - not dissimilar to his feeling leading up to the Euro 2000 play-off qualifier at Wembley.

"People asked me after we lost here 2-0 to the English in 1999 if I feared we were going to be humiliated in London," he said.

"But I never felt that way. I was always optimistic because I had faith in my team.

"I still feel the same with this group and as a fan, I'm optimistic. I'm desperate for us to win the game on Wednesday."

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