Truro City boss Steve Massey happy with FA Cup progression


Truro manager Steve Massey says he is happy with his side's FA Cup progression after Liam Eddy scored a late goal against Street.

Eddy came on as a substitute and scored the winning goal with a 35-yard effort.

"I see Liam Eddy's body shape and I shouted 'no not from there', but it was a great goal ," Massey told BBC Radio Cornwall.

"I knew we would get a chance and to be honest that wasn't really a chance, it was just a magnificent strike."

Eddy scored in the 89th minute of injury time to send Truro into the next round of the FA Cup.

Massey added: "We had gave the ball away a little bit too often and actually we had a lot of the possession.

"But we couldn't get that quality delivery in and, if we did, we didn't have anyone in there to finish it off, so it was frustrating with the clock ticking down.

"We will go on and beat teams three and four this season there is no doubt about that, but at the moment we need to build from the back to keep us nice and solid."

Truro will now face Brislington away in the FA Cup second qualifying round on 28 September.