Truro City boss Steve Massey 'embarrassed' by FA Cup display

Steve Massey

Truro City boss Steve Massey has branded his players as "an embarrassment to the club" after their 3-2 FA Cup defeat by Brislington.

Massey said the result, coupled with recent performances, meant that some "big decisions" needed to be made in terms of strengthening the squad.

The White Tigers have pursued a policy of bringing in young local talent after financial difficulties.

"The players have let everybody down," Massey told BBC Radio Cornwall.

"It was hugely disappointing - we had a great following and we let everybody down. They were an embarrassment to the club with the result.

"It was a game which was there to be won. We took the lead twice and in the end put in a very, very disappointing performance."

Truro took a 2-1 lead into half-time and a furious Massey questioned the attitude of some of his players.

"I have to say that our body language wasn't good when we conceded the [equalising] goal," he said.

"And in the last five minutes we allowed the guy to run right through the middle of us and cost us the game.

"It's been individual mistakes - you ask people to do jobs, they either switch off in concentration or at the other end they don't take the chances. We can't legislate on the sidelines for that or for not putting a tackle in or reading a situation."

Massey said the club may need to rethink their recruitment policy and suggested some players could be moved out of the club, who currently sit 18th in the table after losing their last three league games.

"In the end it comes down to individual players and this is where big decisions will be made," he added.

"Quite clearly, some of the players here are not good enough - if they were, we would be having much better performances.

"I've protected them and tried to give them the confidence and they're prepared probably better than anybody else in terms of the travel to games - the chairman's done us proud on that but they've not risen to the occasion on the pitch.

"Big decisions need to be made and will be made but I have to get players in and that means players leaving.

"There's enough talent but unfortunately when you're on a bad run is that confidence ebbs away and at this moment in time our body language has been poor and we're making very, very elementary mistakes - if they keep making them then maybe it's time for a change."

Massey said he understood that his own position would also come into question but insisted he would turn results around.

"We're not winning - I understand people's frustration but I'm the right man for the job," he said.

"There's no one hurting or more frustrated than me."

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