Qatar World Cup could prompt domestic cup changes - Moyes

World Cup 2022: Premier League managers expect Qatar 2022 winter switch

Manchester United manager David Moyes says the League Cup may have to be "limited" if the 2022 World Cup takes place in the winter.

Fifa is creating a taskforce to consider the issues around moving the tournament from the summer in host country Qatar due to high temperatures.

"I think there would be no choice that it would have to move," said Moyes.

"Maybe you'll need to get rid of FA Cup replays and limit the League Cup, maybe something along those lines."

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore is among the critics of any move to the winter, saying it would cause too much disruption to domestic football in Europe.

But Moyes believes English football would have to accommodate any change.

"I think things would need to be altered in the year before and the year after, certainly," he said.

"I'm sure the Premier League and others are already starting work on that and thinking about it. It does look as though it is going to have to be changed.

"If it was played in January it could be the equivalent to having a winter break. That would obviously extend things. I'm sure the people in power will try to make the right decisions."

Moyes's Arsenal counterpart Arsene Wenger also believes a winter World Cup would be manageable.

Greg Dyke: "You can't hold this tournament in the summer in Qatar"

"To me it looks reasonable to play in the winter because the only thing that matters is the safety of the supporters who go there and attend the games," he said.

"The players can cope with the heat because they are prepared. They will be in great condition."

However the Frenchman disagrees with calls for a new vote on the 2022 hosts, including one from former FA chairman David Bernstein.

Asked if he would back a re-election process, Wenger said: "No, unless there are some irregularities proven. But if nothing irregular has happened, why should you re-vote?

"You have to respect the vote and adapt to the situation.

"The only thing to me which looks surprising is they have not considered [summer heat] at the moment of the vote."

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho said his main hope was that he would not be directly involved in the 2022 World Cup, as he plans to still be working in club football.

"It's too far (ahead) for me," he said. "I don't have time to think about that. We will adapt to the situation.

"I hope at that time I'm working in top football. I hope at that time I'm a club manager, not a national team manager, that I don't like for the next decade at least."

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