World Cup 2014: BBC to show England v Italy group match

Take a tour of the Manaus stadium

The BBC will show England's first group match against Italy on 14 June and have first pick of the last 16 and semi-finals at the 2014 Fifa World Cup.

The BBC's live match coverage starts with Spain v Netherlands on 13 June.

Roy Hodgson's men open their campaign against Italy in the Amazonian city of Manaus on 14 June at 23:00 BST.

Full TV split and highlights coverage for the group matches

Tuesday 10 June: World Cup documentary (22:35, BBC)

Wednesday 11 June: World Cup preview (22:35, BBC)

Thursday 12 June: Brazil v Croatia (21:00, ITV). Match of the Day re-run 01:00, BBC Two.

Friday 13 June: Mexico v Cameroon (17:00, ITV), Spain v Netherlands (20:00, BBC One), Chile v Australia (23:00, ITV)

Saturday 14 June: Highlights (07:30, BBC Two), Colombia v Greece (17:00, BBC One), Uruguay v Costa Rica (20:00, ITV), England v Italy (23:00, BBC One)

Sunday 15 June: Highlights (07:30, BBC Two), Ivory Coast v Japan (02:00, ITV), Switzerland v Ecuador (17:00, ITV), France v Honduras (20:00, BBC One), Argentina v Bosnia-Hercegovina (23:00, BBC One)

Monday 16 June: Highlights (07:30, BBC Two), Germany v Portugal (17:00, ITV), Iran v Nigeria (20:00, BBC One), Ghana v USA (23:00, BBC One)

Tuesday 17 June: Highlights (07:30, BBC Two), Brazil v Mexico (20:00, BBC One), Belgium v Algeria (17:00, ITV), Russia v South Korea (23:00, BBC One)

Wednesday 18 June: Highlights (07:30, BBC Two), Cameroon v Croatia (23:00, ITV), Australia v The Netherlands (17:00, ITV), Spain v Chile (20:00, BBC One)

Thursday 19 June: Highlights (07:30, BBC Two), Colombia v Ivory Coast (17:00, BBC One), Japan v Greece (23:00, BBC One), England v Uruguay (20:00, ITV)

Friday 20 June: Highlights (07:30, BBC Two), France v Switzerland (20:00, ITV), Italy v Costa Rica (17:00, BBC One), Honduras v Ecuador (23:00, ITV)

Saturday 21 June: Highlights (07:30, BBC Two), Germany v Ghana (20:00. BBC One), Argentina v Iran (17:00, ITV), Nigeria v Bosnia-Hercegovina (23:00, BBC One)

Sunday 22 June: Highlights (08:30, BBC Two), Belgium v Russia (17:00, BBC One), USA v Portugal (23:00, BBC One), South Korea v Algeria (20:00, ITV)

Monday 23 June: Highlights (07:30, BBC Two), Cameroon v Brazil (21:00, ITV), Croatia v Mexico (21:00, ITV), Australia v Spain (17:00, ITV), The Netherlands v Chile (17:00, ITV), Group A & B highlights (23:10, BBC One)

Tuesday 24 June: Highlights repeat (07:30, BBC Two), Japan v Colombia (21:00, BBC One), Greece v Ivory Coast (21:00, BBC Three), England v Costa Rica (17:00, ITV), Uruguay v Italy (17:00, ITV)

Wednesday 25 June: Highlights (07:20, BBC Two), Ecuador v France (21:00, BBC One), Honduras v Switzerland (21:00, BBC Three), Nigeria v Argentina (17:00, ITV), Bosnia-Hercegovina v Iran (17:00, ITV)

Thursday 26 June: Highlights (07:20, BBC Two), South Korea v Belgium (21:00, ITV), Algeria v Russia (21:00, ITV), USA v Germany (17:00, BBC One/BBC Three), Portugal v Ghana (17:00, BBCi), Group G & H highlights (23:20, BBC Two)

Friday 27 June: Group G & H highlights repeat (07:30, BBC)

(All times are British Summer Time)