Conclusion of Super League of Malawi thrown into confusion

Crowd trouble at Malawi league game between Mighty Wanderers and Silver Strikers

The proposed replay of the abandoned match between Mighty Wanderers and Silver Strikers has been postponed by the Super League of Malawi (Sulom).

The match was halted last Saturday amid violence that lead to the death of a spectator and had been set to replayed on Sunday.

It would have completed the season in Malawi but the delay now means the league champions are yet to be decided.

Sulom announced late on Friday that complaints lodged with the Football Association of Malawi (Fam) by the two clubs meant Sunday's replay would not go ahead as planned.

Strikers are asking Fam to investigate further the violence after they were banned for eight months by Sulom.

The club had accepted the match would be completely replayed after earlier indicating they wanted it to resume in the 61st minute, the point the original match had been abandoned.

Meanwhile Wanderers had already indicated they would not replay the match after they were handed a five month suspension by Sulom.

Reigning champions Silver Strikers need just one point to retain their title and were on course to do so when they lead 1-0 against Wanderers in the abandoned match.

Moyale Barracks, who have completed their season, are level on 50 points with Strikers and so could win the title on goal difference if Strikers lose to Wanderers.

But Fam general secretary Suzgo Nyirenda says it cannot look into the matter because neither club have followed the correct procedure and lodged an appeal with Sulom.

"I have told both Silver and Wanderers to follow the right procedure that is appealing to Sulom," he told BBC Sport.

"Fam can only come in if the teams do not feel satisfied with the Sulom appeals committee's decision.

"Let's not jump the gun in the name of freedom, but rather make decisions based on procedures.

"Neither team chose to lodge appeals with Sulom instead asked Fam to intervene in the matter."

Wanderers general secretary David Kanyenda said his team will do all it can to seek justice on the matter.

"Sulom have completely failed as the body and we do not see the need to appeal to them," he told BBC Sport.

"After all they are an interested party as the Police report on the violence in Balaka also faults them.

"We then wonder how we can be properly heard by a body that is also to blame for the violence.

"And even though the verdict faults Silver Strikers for inciting violence we are being severe punished for someone else's sins."

The Sulom president, Innocent Bottomani, acknowledged the issue has reached a crisis point and that Fam need to mediate.

"I can confirm that the game which was set to be replayed on Sunday has been cancelled because of the letter of appeal from Silver Strikers to Fam," he told BBC Sport.

"Looking into the contents of the appeal [to Fam] we have actually decided to first look at that issue. We would like to hear their grievances first and can then fix the game."

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