Tottenham: Players' futures at stake - Tim Sherwood

Tottenham's Tim Sherwood 'won't tolerate' another 'capitulation'

Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood says his squad are playing for their futures and insists he is not prepared to "babysit" them.

Sherwood accused his side of "lacking guts and character" in their 4-0 thrashing at Chelsea on Saturday.

"I'm just going to shoot from the hip," he said ahead of Thursday's Europa League tie against Benfica.

"I'm a manager, not a babysitter. A lot here are playing for their future and they realise that now."

He added: "They are all men. They all appreciate that I am singing it from the heart, not from the script. I'm not an actor. I work on impulse."

After Thursday's match against the Portuguese league leaders, Tottenham host Arsenal in the Premier League on Sunday.

With Spurs four points off a place in the top four, having played three more matches than fourth-placed Manchester City, Sherwood has urged his players to prove they are worthy of a future at the club.

"I want players here who want to play for the club and they have, between now and the end of the season, to show that they are playing for their club and not for themselves," he said.

Sherwood said he had not sought any assurances on his long-term future as manager from chairman Daniel Levy after being appointed head coach on a full-time basis in December following the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas.

"I'm planning for next season," he said. "There's no point me planning if someone else is coming in. I have an 18-month contract and I expect to be here a lot longer than that."

He said he had spoken to Levy about his plans and which players he wanted to keep.

"I know the DNA of the guys and I know the ones I can trust and the ones I can't," he said.

But he added: "Everyone gets a second chance. I am never going to burn bridges with players. They are an asset to the football club."