Oleh Gusev: How Dynamo Kiev player's life was saved

Footballer saves opponent's life

A player has described in dramatic detail how a team-mate's life was saved by an opponent during a Ukrainian Premier League match.

Dynamo Kiev captain Oleh Gusev, 30, was knocked unconscious when he collided with Dnipro goalkeeper Denys Boiko.

Dnipro midfielder Jaba Kankava gave immediate treatment to Gusev, who was later taken off on a stretcher.

According to a player on the pitch at the time, Georgian international Kankava "acted like a real doctor".

"Jaba was trying to unclench Oleh's teeth so he didn't suffocate," the unnamed player told Dynamo Kiev's website, addingexternal-link there had been a lot of screaming and yelling.

"As the doctors arrived, they snagged Gusev's tongue with special pincers. It was important not to lose courage in that situation."

He added: "As Oleh regained consciousness, he was muttering something unintelligible. Eventually he was taken to an ambulance."

The player also defended the Dnipro goalkeeper against any criticism.

"It's weird some think Boiko could do that deliberately," he said. "Denys just didn't see Oleh. All goalkeepers play that way in such situations."

Ukraine international full-back Gusev suffered mild concussion and a fractured jaw in the collision. Play continued after the incident in the 22nd minute of the match, which Dnipro won 2-0.