Winning goal left Motherwell manager McCall bemused

Motherwell boss Stuart McCall admits he was left confused by the goal that secured a 2-1 win over St Johnstone.

McCall's side took the lead through Lionel Ainsworth and Dave Mackay replied before Stephen McManus's winner in Saturday's Premiership match.

Saints defender Steven Anderson, however, tried unsuccessfully to block the header on the line with his hand.

"My first reaction was penalty, he's off and they're down to 10, which you get quite excited about," said McCall.

"I got even more excited when I saw the linesman sprinting towards the halfway line, so I knew he had given a goal, or I thought he had given a goal. Then there was a bit afterwards where Anderson got booked and I wasn't really sure what happened.

"It was a bit puzzling on the sidelines why the delay took place. I'd have been more happy if they had just come back and taken the kick-off.

"I asked the fourth [official] about five minutes later what had happened and he said 'well the goal was given.' I said 'well, yeah, I know the goal was given'," added the 'Well boss.

"At first I thought that it was a penalty kick and Sutty (John Sutton) has been practising his penalties all week so I was quite confident. And you think 'here we go, 10 men', and especially that it was Anderson, because I think he's been a rock for them of late.

"We're obviously happy that was the winning goal, though."