Matt Bloomfield column: 'Survival was an out-of-body experience'

By Matt BloomfieldWycombe Wanderers midfielder
Wycombe's wild survival celebrations

So the euphoria is starting to die down and the reality of what was 'achieved' can really start to sink in.

On Saturday we defied the odds and stayed in League Two by beating Torquay United 3-0 on the final day of the season.

We also needed Bristol Rovers or Northampton to lose, and Rovers' 1-0 loss to Mansfield saved us.

The subsequent celebrations really felt like an out-of-body experience. I couldn't believe that one of football's fairytales was happening to us.

The utter elation at the final whistle is my highest high in football. My proudest moment in football.

I wasn't celebrating success in the way that you would normally associate with achievement. We hadn't won the league or got through to a cup final.

I was celebrating the fact that Wycombe Wanderers were still going to be a Football League club.

I was celebrating the fact that good people who I have got to know well, who work in the office or on matchdays weren't going to lose their jobs.

I was celebrating the fact that after such a long and arduous season, we had managed to save some credibility for our careers and registered a bit of payback for all the hard work we had put in. That's how deep and emotional it felt.

Our loss against relegation rivals Bristol Rovers last week was a crushing blow, one of the lowest points in my career.

To lose in a game of that magnitude, in the penultimate game of the season, really made me consider what could happen to us.

By Monday morning I needed the therapy of getting back out on the training ground and working - I think everyone did.

And as the week went on there was a growing feeling that something could happen. "As long as we win, who knows what will happen elsewhere?" was our attitude.

I had thought a lot about relegation. I knew what the possible implications were for the club financially and it worried me.

Matt Bloomfield
Matt Bloomfield is in his testimonial season at Wycombe

The fact that we were able to stave off relegation might actually mean we saved Wycombe Wanderers as a professional football club. That is huge for so many people.

I have put my heart and soul into 10 and a half years at the club. Did I want to be remembered as part of the team that took the club out of the Football League? No chance.

Did I want my testimonial year to go up in smoke because we dropped into the Conference? Certainly not.

I genuinely feel for the players at Torquay and Bristol Rovers. These lads have mortgages to pay and wives and children to support and it's not a fun position to be in.

They're two fantastic clubs, who in their own way will rebuild and come again. I wish them all the best.

It's time for a small break this week to digest everything before a two-week Uefa B coaching badge course begins.

Being out of contract will probably mean spending most of the week on the phone to various people trying to establish what the future holds.

After the euphoria of the weekend, it's time for reality again.

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