Exeter City get Professional Footballers' Association loan

Exeter City's St James Park

Exeter City have received a short-term loan from the Professional Footballers' Association to help with running costs.

The League Two side, managed by Paul Tisdale, finished 16th last season.

The club are set to work with a reduced budget next season and last month saw nine players leave, while assistant Rob Edwards left for Tranmere.

"Exeter City is not owned and funded by any one individual and this means finances are always stretched and 2013-14 was no different," the club said.external-link

"However, we have also been adversely affected by match attendances being below expectations and a lower than anticipated uptake of season ticket renewals so the finances in the close season have been under pressure.

"As a result, the club received a short-term, temporary loan from the PFA on Monday, 2 June."

The St James Park side have been owned by the Exeter City Supporters' Trust since 2003.

Last July chief executive Julian Tagg said the Grecians could be considered either the richest or the poorest club in the country.

"We're probably the richest club in the country - the reason I say that is because we don't owe anything," Tagg told BBC Spotlight.

"But we could also say we're the poorest club because if something goes wrong there's no back-up."

The PFA has previously assisted the club's Devon rivals Plymouth in February 2011.

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