Germany win World Cup 2014 - now are they set to rule?

World Cup 2014: Germany 1-0 Argentina (aet) highlights

"Domination goes in cycles. Spain did it before and now Germany look like they can dominate for years to come."

That was the verdict of former England captain Rio Ferdinand after Germany won the 2014 Fifa World Cup.

Mario Gotze's golden goal, Lionel Messi's misery and Argentina's profligacy - here BBC Sport's pundits discuss the key issues from Sunday's final in the Maracana.

Are Germany set to rule world football?

Germany win the 2014 World Cup
Germany put a rebuilding plan in place when they went out of Euro 2004 at the group stage

Rio Ferdinand: "You have to admire the way the Germans play - they play with risk. They want to keep possession, play high and defend with a high line. That's because they want to keep possession in the opposition half and press when they lose the ball. This group of German players are going to be here for a long time and they are going to dominate.

"This isn't a project started last year by the German FA. It's something that has been in the making for the last 10 years. These players have played together at international youth level, under-21 level. Now they're world champions."

Gary Lineker: "I think they are going to be around for a long time to come and we could be going back to some kind of German dominance."

Gotze's golden goal

World Cup moments: Glory for Gotze

Danny Mills: "What a fantastic goal. It was a great cross into the box. Mario Gotze drifted into the near post, took it on his chest and fired it into the far corner. He had the composure to provide a brilliant finish that deserves to win a World Cup final."

Mark Lawrenson: "That was a fantastic first touch and superb technique. He didn't even look where the keeper was, he just knew where he was going. The goal that won the game was possibly the most difficult chance of the night, bearing in mind the ones that went begging before it."

Alan Shearer: "Substitute Andre Schurrle gave Germany legs and work-rate, and kept getting into the danger area. It was a good ball from him to Gotze for the goal, but Gotze still had a lot to do. His first touch was brilliant and the finish was out of this world. The technique is brilliant."

Alan Hansen: "He knew he was going to score. He was always in control of that ball. It never got away from him. He watched it on to his left foot - then bang."

Neuer: The man with the Golden Glove

Manuel Neuer
Bayern Munich keeper Neuer won the Golden Glove award for best goalkeeper of the tournament

Alan Shearer: "Germany have got great belief in the man behind them - Manuel Neuer. He's a sweeper, he can play with his left or right foot and is very quick coming out of his 18-yard box. He's got an incredible presence. When you're one-on-one with that guy in front of you, he stands big, he stands tall and puts players off."

Alan Hansen: "He is sensational coming off his line. I always thought it was so high-risk doing that, but for four or five games he came off his line and gave nobody a chance. He's so quick and dominant."

Vintage Schweinsteiger getting better with age

Bastian Schweinsteiger
Schweinsteiger, now 29, made his international debut 10 years ago and has 108 caps

Rio Ferdinand: "In this World Cup he has shown a different side to his game - I never knew he was so good defensively. His nous, the positions he took up, the amount of times he got the ball back on the edge of his box, or covering the centre-halves. And on the ball the simplicity which he plays, he just gets it to a man in the same shirt as him."

Alan Hansen: "He's brilliant at reading the game, gets into position, he goes left, he goes right and you can bet your bottom dollar that he gets it every time."

Argentina rue near misses

Higuain wastes fantastic chance for Argentina

Alan Shearer: "Argentina had big opportunities. Gonzalo Higuain would have laid in bed on the night before the final dreaming of a one-on-one on the edge of the box like he got in the first half. It falls perfectly for him, you can't miss from there. It's a sitter, I'm afraid."

Mark Lawrenson: "That was a World Cup final gift. Not to make the keeper make a save from that situation is criminal. He obviously couldn't believe it because he snatched at it. He tried to hit it too hard. What an opportunity."

Chris Waddle: "I'm sure Argentina will get a good welcome back home but when they do go back, they will be thinking they could have won this game. They had all the chances. After so many misses you start thinking if Germany get a chance, they will get the goal, and that's what they did."

Messi fluffs his lines

Messi chance goes inches wide

Rio Ferdinand: "Kids watching this game wanted to see Messi do something special. He had a big chance but his time didn't come. But Messi has done things at club level that others have come nowhere near. It's unfortunate he was unable to produce. If he had put away that second-half chance it would have put him up there with - if not ahead of - Maradona."

Alan Shearer: "During the whole tournament we have been saying that Messi had to lift the biggest prize of all if he was to have the same iconic status as Maradona or Pele. He had his chance in the final and he didn't take it."

Mark Lawrenson: "Of all the people. There was a massive intake of breath and then you're just waiting for the net to bulge. He was very close."

Clarence Seedorf: "People said it was meant to be Lionel Messi's big moment - but you don't play alone. Argentina had a lot of chances and should have scored at least one of them. And, in football, if you don't score then the opposition will."

Are Germany worthy winners?

Germany lift the 2014 World Cup
Germany's win was their fourth World Cup triumph - and the first since reunification in 1990

Alan Hansen: "They are phenomenal at getting the job done. They have a real team ethos, as well as really good players."

Clarence Seedorf: "Germany are absolutely worthy of winning the World Cup. They were the best team throughout and they grew a lot. They were always very solid, got through the results and improved as the tournament went on. The final was quite equal, maybe the best chances went to Argentina, but it is still deserved by Germany."

Gary Lineker: "It was a gripping World Cup and in the end I think we have got the right winners. We were worried about their high line but they performed consistently and they've got some great players."

Best World Cup ever?

BBC's closing 2014 World Cup montage

Alan Hansen: "This has been the best World Cup by a mile. It needed something terrific because the last two or three tournaments have been a little bit sub-standard. It needed something to elevate it back to the best sporting event on the planet - it has had the games, goals, excitement drama, heartache, euphoria. I'm a big believer that winning is everything, but you need entertainment as well. It's been a special World Cup and a special goal to win the final."

Alan Shearer: "The tournament slowed down a little bit after the group stage, with a few goalless draws. But even the extra-time periods were brilliant. There has always been something significant to talk about in each of the games."

Rio Ferdinand: "There have been fantastic goals and great players emerging. But for me, personally, having played at a World Cup and coming here as part of the BBC team, I've loved going out to see the fans from all nations enjoying themselves together. It has been a great party, a carnival atmosphere - you don't get to see that as a player."

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