New head injury proposals to go before Fifa

Uruguay's Alvaro Pereira lying unconscious on the pitch at the 2014 World Cup
Uruguay's Alvaro Pereira played on after being knocked unconscious in a win over England at the 2014 World Cup

World football's governing body, Fifa, will submit a proposal to its executive committee to bring in new measures to deal with head injuries.

Michel D'Hooghe, head of Fifa's medical committee, outlined the plans earlier this month.

They included a referee being able to stop a game for three minutes in order for a team doctor to carry out an on-pitch assessment.

The doctor will also decide if a player can continue to play.

The proposals are similar to regulations introduced by the Premier League at the start of this season, and were also submitted to Uefa on 18 September.

If approved by Fifa and Uefa, they will be implemented by the beginning of October and apply to the Champions League and Europa League as well as international fixtures.