Lee Johnson: Oldham manager rejects Gibraltar playing offer

Lee Johnson
Johnson won the the Scottish League Cup in 2012 against Celtic while playing for Kilmarnock

Oldham Athletic manager Lee Johnson has turned down the chance to come out of retirement and play for Gibraltar.

The 33-year-old took over at Boundary Park in March 2013 but has not played competitively since December 2012 when he was at Kilmarnock.

Johnson is the youngest manager in the Football League and his father is the Yeovil boss Gary Johnson.

"It's a funny one because my nan - my dad's mum - is a full Gibraltarian," Johnson said.

Gibraltar are taking in their first ever European Championship qualifying campaign after Uefa, European football's governing body, accepted them as a full member.

The British Overseas Territory off the south coast of Spain, which has a population of just under 30,000, lost their qualifying opener 7-0 against Poland and are in a group that includes World Cup winners Germany as well as Scotland and Ireland.

Lee Johnson
Johnson has not played competitively in 21 months since he was at Scottish side Kilmarnock

"I just got a phone call from an agent saying 'they are searching for players that could be eligible, would you be interested?'

"I was shocked. I rang the chairman and the chairman said 'you've got to do it, we're going to get all the players there'.

"It was nice to be thought of again in those terms but I don't really want to be running after the world champions when we've got a game on Saturday."

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