Danny Coles: Exeter City lacked ambition says former captain

Danny Coles
Coles joined Exeter from Bristol Rovers in the summer of 2011

Former Exeter City captain Danny Coles says he left St James Park because the club lacked ambition.

Coles, 32, after being for

"The lack of ambition at Exeter with regards to the funds and stuff is something which I think will hold the club back," Coles told BBC Radio Devon.

City were forced to after cash flow problems in the summer.

The decision to take money from the Professional Footballers Association meant the club were

They were only able to during the second week of the season.

"You get to certain point in your career where you need a fresh change," Coles added.

"I loved playing for Tis (Exeter manager Paul Tisdale), without a doubt he's one of the best managers I've played for and I still keep in touch with him.

"But it was an opportunity that I didn't want to turn down. This club's going places, it's very ambitious.

"I've taken a gamble stepping out of the Football League, but I've only done that by looking at the club and the players that are here, which are certainly capable of achieving something.

"I've not come here to see my career out, there's still things I want to achieve that can be done here."

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