Plymouth Argyle manager John Sheridan wants more consistency

Lewis Alessandra
Lewis Alessandra has scored 16 goals since joining Argyle in the summer of 2013

Plymouth Argyle manager John Sheridan believes some of his players could play at a higher level than League Two if they improved their consistency.

Sheridan saw his side to register their fourth successive win in all competitions.

"If one or two of them get consistency in their game they could probably play higher," Sheridan told BBC Radio Devon.

"Know what you're good at and don't do things that are going to make you an inferior player to what you can be."

One of the players he has called on to be more consistent is forward Lewis Alessandra, who got the only goal in Saturday's victory.

"He does things like a Premiership player, his body movement is unbelievable, but then he'll take six or seven touches when I don't want him to.

"That's why I keep on his case, and the same with Reuben (Reid).

"They're a real handful when they want to be so you've got to be telling them things."

And Sheridan says he is happy with the competitive nature of his squad as a number of players vie to try and get a recall.

"I look at my bench and my bench is strong," Sheridan said.

"I've got good players on the bench, the main thing is keeping everyone fit.

"Deane Smalley, Marvin Morgan, Jason Banton, Andy Kellett - there's a few of them who want to be playing and that's the good thing about them.

"They're all hungry and while you're winning they all want to be a part of it."

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