Guernsey FC players 'let down' coaches in Herne Bay loss

Colin Fallaize
Guernsey have never lost four league games in a row before

Guernsey FC coach Colin Fallaize strongly criticised his squad following their 4-3 defeat by Herne Bay.

The Green Lions slipped to 17th in Isthmian League Division One South as they lost a fourth league game in a row for the first time.

"I'm doing this interview because I don't want Tony (Vance, Guernsey manager) to take any responsibility for that," Fallaize told BBC Guernsey.

"It was nothing he did, the players let him down and I want them to know that."

Guernsey's misery was compounded by a serious knee injury sustained by Luke Winch, which saw him stretchered off in the second half.

Luke Winch's injury
Luke Winch goes over on his knee (left), is tended to by medical staff (centre), before being stretchered off to an ambulance

"I'm not making any assumptions, but it was certainly bad enough for an ambulance and the lad was certainly in pain, so it's looking like he's going to be out for months," said Fallaize.

Guernsey were already without a number of players, including top scorer Ross Allen, Glyn Dyer and Simon Geall.

But Fallaize said injuries were no excuse for a performance which he claimed was one of the worst he has seen during his time with the club.

"Tony will protect our players, because that's the way he is, but enough's enough, he's not taking responsibility for that, they are," he commented.

"When an individual has the football, there's another 10 people there to help him and I didn't feel that we were helping them mentally, physically or emotionally in any way, shape or form, so I'm upset.

"I want them to react to that and I fully expect to get a reaction on Tuesday at training, on Thursday at training and the next opportunity we get to play a game of football."

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