Plymouth Argyle: New stand funding at 'critical stage'

Home Park
The replacement for the Mayflower Stand will have 4,800 seats

Plymouth Argyle are at a "critical point" over funding for a new stand, according to chairman James Brent.

The League Two club said work on a replacement for the Mayflower Stand would begin at the end of last season, but six months on, no work has started.

"We're at a fairly critical point now in terms of which direction we go on the grandstand," Brent told BBC Devon.

"It's critical in terms of we need to come out and say how we're proposing to fund it and move it forward."

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"We've been very clear that the grandstand is critical to the club going forward, not just as a place to watch the game, but as a place to generate additional revenues to invest in the team," Brent said.

"We're fine at League Two, but we do need the grandstand to generate that additional income to be sustainable in the Championship.

"Without it we might get back into the Championship, but in terms of maintaining stability there, we need that additional income. That is why I'm so passionate that, by one way or another, we're going to get that new grandstand."

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