Pele: Recovering Brazil legend thanks fans in video message

Pele: "I know everybody is worried about my health, but I am ok"

Pele has recorded a video message from hospital thanking fans for their support while he underwent treatment for a urinary tract infection.

"I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you, from all over the world, who worried about my health," Pele said in the video.external-link

"Thank God, I'm fine. I have recovered, I'm here with my family."

The three-time World Cup winner, 74, was admitted to Sao Paulo's Albert Einstein Hospital on 24 November.

The video, which the hospital said was recorded on Wednesday, begins with Pele playing a guitar while seated next to family members. Then he speaks both in Portuguese and in English.

"Don't worry, thank you very much," Pele said. "I know everybody worried about my health but I am OK.

"Thank you everybody who has been praying for me and my family."

Pele was admitted to hospital after being diagnosed with a urinary tract infection that stemmed from surgery to remove kidney stones on 13 November.

Doctors said in a statement released on Friday that Pele's condition is good and there are no more signs of the infection.

He remains hospitalised in a semi-intensive care unit.

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