Bundesliga to use goalline technology from 2015-16 season

How Hawk-Eye technology works

Goalline technology will be used in the German Bundesliga from next season.

The 18 top flight clubs turned it down last year but have now voted 15-3 in favour of the technology following a proposal by Bayern Munich.

The league will adopt the Hawk-Eye system which has been used in the Premier League since 2013-14.

"I believe that this is a step forward for German football," said Reinhard Rauball, president of the German Football League.

Mainz 05 president Harald Strutz added: "The clubs have recognised that we can no longer ignore this technology development."

As well as in the Premier League, goalline technology was used at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, but it has not been adopted elsewhere.

The Hawk-Eye system notifies the referee if the ball has crossed the goal line via a vibration and optical signal sent within one second to the officials' watches.