Keith Curle: Carlisle United overhaul takes time to implement

Keith Curle
Keith Curle is keen to add to his squad in January when the transfer window opens again

Manager Keith Curle says his rebuilding of the Carlisle United squad is a long-term process that cannot be "switched on and off" like a computer game.

Curle won his first three league games in charge following his September arrival, but six defeats in the last eight have stalled progress.

The Cumbrians are in the League Two relegation zone on goal difference.

"You can't just walk in, wave a magic wand and turn it round," Curle told BBC Radio Cumbria. "It's not like Fifa 14."

He continued: "When things aren't going your way you can't switch it off and start again, turn it back on and be Barcelona, get this player and that player - that isn't reality.

"I've inherited a squad of 22-23 players and I've got to get the best of those players.

"When January comes I'm able to plug a few gaps and holes and bring in different strengths."

While the former Notts County and Chester boss plans to tinker with certain aspects of his squad, the existing crop of players remain key in his thoughts.

"There are lots of players at the football club who I like, that I think can adopt the style of play I eventually want to be playing," Curle added.

"There are players I'm not going to use as much as the level that will keep them happy, but we've got players who have contracts and we've got to abide by that.

"We will do some wheeler-dealing, players will have to move out to bring those in, and if more come through the turnstiles that, hopefully, will enable us to do some dealings."