Salisbury FC: Chairman 'hopeful' for phoenix club's future

Salisbury City's home ground
Salisbury were thrown out of the Football Conference in the summer

Salisbury FC are hopeful of a sustainable future in their new guise, says chairman David Phillips.

Phillips is part of a five-strong group who have created a new phoenix club from Salisbury City, who went into administration in September.

The Whites will be managed by ex-Leicester striker Steve Claridge and hope to play in the Wessex Premier League next season.

"We hope you've got enough support to continue as we want to," said Phillips.

An ownership battle over the summer resulted in Salisbury City being thrown out of the Conference and placed in administration.

The vote for Salisbury City's new name
Salisbury FC - 443 votesFC Salisbury City - 160
City of Salisbury FC - 135AFC Salisbury - 106
Salisbury Corinthians - 80Salisbury AFC - 25

The club's decline started when Moroccan businessman Outail Touzar and Whites supporter Mark Winter took over for £1 in May, with the pair becoming responsible for £150,000 worth of debt.

Touzar failed to provide investment into the ailing club which prompted Winter, with the backing of a local consortium, to try and overthrow his ownership.

The club were punished for failing to pay players and staff by being relegated one division to Conference South and were eventually thrown out of the Conference after missing further payment deadlines.

Phillips and the new owners bought the assets to the club earlier this month, but under Football Association regulations, Salisbury City FC could no longer continue to function because of their financial plight.

A phoenix club was therefore created and has been named Salisbury FC by supporters, and they hope to be able to play at the former club's old Raymond McEnhill Stadium..

Phillips told BBC Wiltshire: "We've not been over ambitious with out budgets and that's key for us.

"Next year, if it all happens, we have to make sure we live within our means. We aren't going to chuck money at things that aren't going to work.

"This club has got to function financially. We don't want it happen in the way it has in the last few years."

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