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The title chase 2015

Chelsea v Manchester City

The chase is on

In 2002-03 Man Utd were 5 points behind Arsenal after 23 games, and went on to win the league

How the sides compare this season

Chelsea are the top ranking team for tackles won, with City in 15th place

Chelsea are the top ranking team for shots on target, with City in 7th place

Chelsea only had three shots in total at Stamford Bridge; the lowest in a Premier League game since 03-04

Key Info

45 points available, 23 games played, 15 games to go

Dates for your diary:Chelsea

15 March: Chelsea v Southampton

18 April: Chelsea v Man Utd

25 April: Arsenal v Chelsea

9 May: Chelsea v Liverpool

Man City

1 March: Liverpool v Man City

11 April: Man Utd v Man City

2 May: Tottenham v Man City

24 May: Man City v Southampton


Lampard's goals have won Man City five points this season (that's five goals in total)

Man City came from 9 points behind Liverpool last season, and 8 behind Man Utd 2011-12 to win the title

Why Chelsea are ahead


Team goals 52

Costa scored 17 of them


Team goals 46

Aguero scored 14 of them

Players with the most assists

Fabregas: 15

Navas: 6

Players with the most tackles won

Matic: 86

Zabaleta: 59

When top after 23 games

Season 04-05 Chelsea top

10 points ahead

Finished 1st

Season 05-06

Chelsea top

14 points ahead

Finished 1stSeason 09-10

Chelsea top

4 points ahead

Finished 1st

Season 11-12

Man City top

Ahead on goal difference

Finished 1st

Manchester City are now winless in all four Premier League visits to London this season

The managers: Premier League records

Mourinho 69.61% wins and 2.29 points per game

Pellegrini 67.21% wins and 2.2 points per gameSavage says:

The result suits Chelsea more than it suits Manchester City, because it leaves Jose Mourinho's men still five points clear.

The world watched the game at Stamford Bridge thanks to 26 television crews and commentary teams (this beats the record of 19 at Man City v Man Utd in 2012)