Premier League deal 'could earn Championship clubs £1m each'

Premier League cameraman
The huge increase in the cost of Premier League TV rights has prompted a debate about how the money benefits the wider game

Championship clubs could benefit by about £1m per year from the new Premier League TV rights deal, according to Bournemouth chairman Jeff Mostyn.

The rights to live matches were sold to Sky Sports and BT last week for £5.1bn, a 70% rise on the previous deal.

Mostyn said money would "trickle down" to the Championship in a "very positive outcome" for clubs in the second tier.

"It could mean a substantial amount in real terms. We may be talking in excess of £1m," he told BBC Radio Solent.

Bournemouth, who are top of the Championship table with 15 games to play, are hoping to be in the Premier League for the first time in their history next season - although the new TV agreement does not apply until the 2016-17 campaign.

Mostyn said Championship clubs had managed to seal an "index-linked" deal with the Premier League over solidarity payments in the wake of negotiations over Financial Fair Play (FFP) in November.

"As a consequence of the battle we had with FFP just a few months ago, it could means a very positive outcome for the Championship clubs and the Football League as a whole," said Mostyn.

"There was a lot of controversy if they were ultimately going to vote in favour of FFP and it went down to the wire.

"The deal that we did with the Premier League was, for want of a better phrase, index-linked - for the very first time we won't have to go cap in hand.

"We have a set scale and because of this new incredible new TV rights deal all the Football League clubs will benefit."