Birmingham City's parent company remove Peter Pannu from board

Peter Pannu
Peter Pannu has been involved with the Blues since Carson Yeung first attempted to take over the club in 2007

Birmingham City say boardroom changes at its parent company will not affect the day to day running of the club.

Birmingham International Holdings (BIHL) went into voluntary receivership in February.

Two directors, including former Blues chairman Peter Pannu, have been removed from the board, seven others have resigned and two have been suspended.

Receivers Ernst and Young, who are conducting an investigation into the running of BIHL, now control the board.

A club statementexternal-link said: "Ernst & Young...stated last month after its appointment that it is 'business as usual' at St. Andrew's.

"The club can assure supporters and staff that this still very much the case - there is no change in the day to day running of Blues."

BBC WM 95.6's Richard Wilford on Twitterexternal-link
"Encouraging news then overnight for #bcfc fans - BIHL receivers appear to be clearing decks for possible sale of club."

Pannu, who signed a five-year consultancy agreement with the Blues in 2009 and at one point was reportedly earning more than a million pounds a year,external-link was club chairman between March and September last year.

He resigned from the Championship team's board of directors in December last year, but had kept his place on the BIHL board until he was removed on Monday.

A statement issued by BIHL says that none of its new board members have any relationship to any director, senior manager or 'substantial or controlling shareholder' of the company.

One of those to resign as a director at BIHL was Panos Pavlakis, who was appointed as a club director in February 2014.

Despite resigning from the holding company, Pavlakis will continue to lead the football club's board.

Victor Ma and Ryan Yeung also continue to serve as directors at St Andrew's.

"Panos Pavlakis continues to lead the UK management team from St. Andrew's and work closely with (manager) Gary Rowett on all football matters, as per usual," the club statement added.

After a meeting with the club's directors in February, the Football League confirmed that they were satisfied that the club had the finances to complete the season.

Peter Pannu (left) and Carson Yeung
Peter Pannu was initially appointed at Birmingham City by former club President Carson Yeung

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