Premier League relegation: The battle at the bottom intensifies

Christian Benteke
Christian Benteke scored twice as Aston Villa thrashed Sunderland 4-0, with all four goals coming in the first half

George Boyd's goal saw Burnley stun Premier League champions Manchester City, Sunderland were humiliated at home by Aston Villa and QPR's dismal away form continued.

Saturday was a significant day at the bottom of the Premier League - the bottom six were all in action and the day ended with four teams within three points of the relegation zone.

So what did the managers make of it all?

Leicester: 'Home form must improve drastically'

Result: Leicester City 0-0 Hull City

Leicester's Premier League position: 20th (19 points from 28 games)

Leicester were 'safe and laboured'

Leicester manager Nigel Pearson said: "We've got 10 games left, six at home and we probably need to win five.

"We're in the same sort of position as before. Our home form has to be drastically improved to give us the best chance.

"I'm not sure we could have played any more of an attacking style, but if players are having a bit of an off day they're having an off day."

Leicester's remaining fixtures
4 April v West Ham21 March v Tottenham
18 April v Swansea11 April v West Brom
29 April v Chelsea25 April v Burnley
2 May v Newcastle16 May v Sunderland
9 May v Southampton
24 May v QPR

QPR: 'The players are unified. They still believe'

Result: Crystal Palace 3-1 QPR

QPR's Premier League position: 19th (22 points from 29 games)

First-half display killed game - Ramsey

QPR manager Chris Ramsey said: "I'm hoping nine games is enough - that's all that I've got so we'll go for it as best we can.

"The players believe. They're not bickering and moaning at each other.

"Some people are disappointed and some people are voicing their opinions, but they're still unified. All we can do is to keep fighting."

QPR's remaining fixtures
22 March v Everton4 April v West Brom
12 April v Chelsea2 May v Liverpool
25 April v West Ham9 May v Manchester City
16 May v Newcastle24 May v Leicester
TBC v Aston Villa

Burnley: 'We haven't been broken by defeats'

Result: Burnley 1-0 Manchester City

Burnley's Premier League position: 18th (25 points from 29 games)

Belief grows with big result - Dyche

Burnley manager Sean Dyche said: "Our will and desire to be in the Premier League is on show, but we won't get too carried away.

"We know there's a long way to go. The players are grounded. We haven't been broken from defeat - we've been dented a few times - but this win reinforces confidence and belief.

"I have said many times that the players are improving. They are growing and learning."

Burnley's remaining fixtures
5 April v Tottenham21 March v Southampton
11 April v Arsenal18 April v Everton
25 April v Leicester2 May v West Ham
16 May v Stoke9 May v Hull
24 May v Aston Villa

Sunderland: 'No-one to blame but ourselves'

Result: Sunderland 0-4 Aston Villa

Sunderland's Premier League position: 17th (26 points from 29 games)

Gus Poyet says fans' anger understandable

Sunderland head coach Gus Poyet said: "We lost in the worst way possible and we're not getting it right. We need to perform and are not doing so.

"We have no-one to blame apart from ourselves. It's about being professional, standing up and correct it or it will be danger.

"We haven't been in the bottom three all year, but we aren't winning enough and have put ourselves in a difficult situation."

Sunderland's remaining fixtures
5 April v Newcastle21 March v West Ham
11 April v Crystal Palace25 April v Stoke
2 May v Southampton9 May v Everton
16 May v Leicester24 May v Chelsea
TBC v Arsenal

Aston Villa: 'There's a lot of work to be done'

Result: Sunderland 0-4 Aston Villa

Aston Villa's Premier League position: 16th (28 points from 29 games)

Sunderland 0-4 Aston Villa: Tim Sherwood 'believed' in strikers

Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood said: "It's a fantastic step towards safety, but there's still a lot of work to be done, we realise that.

"We have managed to drag Sunderland into it now and push them underneath us, but it's all about next week now, Swansea at home, and getting the points there.

"Losing becomes a habit, doesn't it, and winning does also, so we are hoping to continue that, albeit it's only three games."

Aston Villa's remaining matches
21 March v Swansea4 April v Manchester United
2 May v Everton11 April v Tottenham
9 May v West Ham25 April v Manchester City
24 May v Burnley16 May v Southampton

Hull: 'An important result for us'

Result: Leicester City 0-0 Hull City

Hull's Premier League position: 15th (28 points from 29 games)

Sad if players can't tackle anymore - Bruce

Hull City manager Steve Bruce said: "When you're away from home and with 10 men you take the result and it was an important one for us.

"But we had two big chances, and in a game of this magnitude, you hope to take one. We could have come away with three points. I can't remember my goalkeeper making a save.

"There wasn't a bad challenge in a relegation battle. We had five booked and one sent off."

Hull City's remaining fixtures
22 March v Chelsea4 April v Swansea
18 April v Liverpool11 April v Southampton
2 May v Arsenal25 April v Crystal Palace
9 May v Burnley16 May v Tottenham
24 May v Manchester United

Everton: 'We know the severity of the situation'

Fixture: Sunday, 15 March v Newcastle (H, 16:00 GMT)

Everton's Premier League position: 14th (28 points from 28 games)

Europa League: Everton manager Roberto Martinez before Dynamo Kiev match

Everton manager Roberto Martinez, speaking before his side face Newcastle on Sunday: "We're in that period of the season where every game is vital for us.

"It has been a difficult season for us in the league and we have not been able to get two good results back-to-back and develop any momentum.

"We know the severity of the situation. We have 10 games left and we have to take it as if it is 10 finals."

Everton's remaining fixtures
15 March v Newcastle22 March v QPR
4 April v Southampton11 April v Swansea
18 April v Burnley2 May v Aston Villa
26 April v Manchester United16 May v West Ham
9 May v Sunderland
24 May v Tottenham

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