Talent is being lost down 'a massive black hole' - Phillip Neville

By Simon StoneBBC Sport
Harry Kane
Tottenham academy graduate Harry Kane training with England after his first international call-up.

Phil Neville feels a generation of English talent is disappearing 'down a black hole' due to lack of opportunity.

Neville backs the proposals of FA chairman Greg Dyke to raise the English presence in Premier League squads.

For he thinks most English clubs do not have a clear pathway for their players to fulfil their potential.

Neville said: "Pumping millions into academies is superficial unless your manager buys into the vision of producing young players for your club."

Path to the first team blocked
"Southampton have a pathway to the first-team. It doesn't stop at 19 when they go abroad for a player. It carries right on to the first-team. From the age of 10, at Manchester United and Southampton, there is a clear pathway to the first-team. But at other clubs, that pathway becomes a dead end at 19."
Phil Neville on how youngsters can break through

He added: "I only see a few clubs in the Premier League now who actually see the vision all the way through.

"I see plenty who have a vision until the age academy football finishes. Then there is a massive black hole young players drop into and just get lost."

Neville singles out Manchester United, Southampton, Everton and Aston Villa for praise in giving young players a chance.

Indeed, a member of the famous "Class of 92", Neville says the group he belonged to would still emerge in the modern game because United remain committed to youth development under Louis van Gaal.

"People ask if the Class of 92 will ever be reproduced," he said. "I think it will - if the rules change and we stop importing average players from abroad and start giving our players a chance."

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