Mark Bosnich: Ex-Man Utd player pleads guilty to reckless driving

Mark Bosnich
Bosnich played for Manchester United, Chelsea and Aston Villa

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich has pleaded guilty to reckless driving after hitting and injuring a cyclist with his car in Sydney.

The 43-year-old appeared in a Sydney Court to face charges over the incident which occurred in the city's central business district on 21 May, 2014.

The former Australian goalkeeper had become involved in a dispute with a cyclist over lane positioning.

Bosnich will be sentenced on 9 June.

According to court documents seen by the Sydney Morning Herald,external-link Bosnich wound down his window and told the cyclist: "Champion you gotta pull a little to the left, you can't keep to the middle of the road."

The cyclist, 38, then struck the side of Bosnich's vehicle with an object, causing a rear view mirror to fall out of its housing.

Police reports said the former Aston Villa and Chelsea goalkeeper turned towards the cyclist, striking the rear wheel which caused the victim to fall off.

The cyclist was taken to hospital with minor injuries to his ribs and elbow.

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