Nigel Pearson: Managerial rants - Keegan to Kinnear

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Famous football manager rants (Benitez's 'Facts' press conference is 2 min 35 sec in)

Leicester boss Nigel Pearson's bizarre "ostrich" rant at a journalist was the latest in a long line of outbursts from the world of football management.

There have been many examples of managers ranting over the years, from Joe Kinnear's expletive-laden news conference to Rafa Benitez's infamous "facts" address, while Sir Alex Ferguson was prone to a rant or two.

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Nigel Pearson rants at journalist

And it is almost 20 years since the most famous of them all - ex-Newcastle manager Kevin Keegan's "love it" outburst directed at then Manchester United manager Ferguson.

Here are some of the best boss rants, but be warned, they contain language which may be considered offensive.

"I would love it" - Kevin Keegan, 1996

Newcastle led the Premier League by 12 points at one stage in the 1995-96 season but lost the title to Manchester United.

As the Red Devils pulled their way back into the title hunt, Ferguson questioned how motivated the Magpies' opponents were.

Keegan responded with this outburst on live television: "I've kept really quiet but I'll tell you something, he went down in my estimations when he said that. We have not resorted to that. You can tell him now, we're still fighting for this title and he's got to go to Middlesbrough and get something.

"And I'll tell you, honestly, I will love it if we beat them. Love it."

Rafa Benitez
Irked by Ferguson, Benitez produced a piece of paper with a list of 'facts" about the Manchester United manager

"I want to talk about facts" - Rafa Benitez, 2009

In the 2008-09 season Liverpool were leading the league when Benitez launched a furious attack on Manchester United counterpart Ferguson.

Benitez claimed Ferguson received preferential treatment from the football authorities.

"I want to talk about facts," said Benitez. "All managers need to know is that only Mr Ferguson can talk about the fixtures, can talk about referees - and nothing happens."

Liverpool ended up losing the league to United and Benitez left Anfield within 14 months.

"You're a ****" - Joe Kinnear, 2008

Joe Kinnear launched into an explicit rant after just four days in charge as Newcastle manager.

Kinnear, walking into a news conference: "Which one is Simon Bird?"

Bird, a Daily Mirror journalist: "Me."

Kinnear: "You're a ****."

Bird: "Thank you."

Kinnear: Which one is [Niall] Hickman [Daily Express]? You are out of order. Absolutely ******* out of order. If you do it again, I am telling you you can **** off and go to another ground. I will not come and stand for that ****** ****. No ****** way, lies. **** you're saying I turned up and they ****** off.

Joe Kinnear
It took just four days in charge at Newcastle for Joe Kinnear to lose his temper with the media

"I'm no wheeler dealer, **** off" - Harry Redknapp, 2010

The then Tottenham manager lost his cool with a reporter after Spurs were beaten at Wigan.

Sky Sports' Rob Palmer: "You've made your name as a wheeler and dealer, there has not been much wheeling and dealing?"

Redknapp: "I'm not a wheeler dealer, **** off."

Palmer: "I didn't mean it like that Harry."

Redknapp: "I am not making my name as a wheeler ******* dealer, don't say that I'm a ******* football manager."

"Youse are ******* idiots" - Ferguson, 2002

Ferguson raged at the media for criticising the performances of £28.1m signing Juan Sebastian Veron.

"I'm no ******* talking to you. He's a ******* great player. Yous are ******** idiots, " said the Scot.

Harry Redknapp
Never tell Redknapp he is a "wheeler-dealer"

"Do you ******* hear what I'm saying or not?" - John Sitton, 1995

Sitton was co-manager of Second Division strugglers Leyton Orient in 1994-95. A documentary crew were following the team during the campaign and were in the dressing room at half-time of a game at Blackpool when Sitton unleashed this diatribe at two players:

"You, you little ****, when I tell you to do something - and you, you ******* big **** - when I tell you to do something, do it," he said.

"And if you come back at me we can have a right sort out in here, all right? And yer can pair up if yer like, and you can ******* pick someone to help yer, and yer can bring yer dinner n' all. Cos by the time I've finished with yer, you'll ******* need it.

"Do you ******* hear what I'm saying or not?"

"You can sit there and play with all your silly machines" - Ron Atkinson, 1996

Atkinson went on the warpath when Sky interviewers Richard Keys and Andy Gray suggested he could not save Coventry from relegation following a 1-0 defeat at Southampton.

"You can sit there and play with all your silly machines. If the boys play badly I'll whip 'em, but I ain't whipping them for that. Thanks lads, goodnight."

"I'm far more qualified than you"- Brian Clough, 1979

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Archive: Clough gives Motty a tough time

Nottingham Forest manager Clough was at his prickly best with the BBC's John Motson.

Clough: "As a critic I'm far more qualified than you or any of your colleagues, I suggest you shut up and show more football."

"**** off, this is not true" - Gennaro Gattuso, 2014

The former Italy international, then manager of Greek club OFI Crete, swore at journalists following criticism of his side.

"OFI is not Real Madrid, is not Barcelona. It's a small team with many problems. I want my players to play with balls, with heart," he said.

"I no like the excuse that maybe the players don't play with heart because [the club] no pay salary. **** off - this not true."

"Get a life" - Ian Holloway, 2013

The then Crystal Palace manager lost his cool about other clubs being linked with a move for winger Wilfried Zaha.

"I'm sick and fed up of reading about him, get a job, get a life," he said.

"Get some ******* brains" - Redknapp, 2002

Redknapp lost the plot when he was hit by a stray ball from one of his players in training while being interviewed on television.

"Why the **** did you kick that over here? You tried to kick it in the goal and you hit me? Get some ******* brains, will you? [To reporter] It's no wonder he's in the ******* reserves."

Sir Alex Ferguson
Ferguson raged at journalists who questioned the performance of Juan Sebastian Veron

"We'll get him, ban him" - Ferguson, 2011

Ferguson attempted to ban a journalist who asked him about Ryan Giggs at Manchester United's pre-Champions League final news conference in 2011.

His whispered conversation with the United press officer was picked up on the microphones.

Ferguson: "The guy that asked the question about Giggsy... the press conference."

Press officer: "Which one?"

Ferguson: "Him that asked the question... who?"

Press officer: "Oh yeah. I'll tell you later."

Ferguson: "Is he coming on Friday?"

Press officer: "The guy with the laptop?"

Ferguson: "Aye. Then we'll get him. Ban him on Friday."

"I do what I want in the technical area" - Paolo Di Canio, 2012

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Swindon boss Paolo Di Canio furious after being sent off in Macclesfield win

Di Canio went on a rant about being sent to the stands during Swindon's 1-0 win over Huddersfield in January 2012.

"I do what I want in the technical area, they can't stop me. If they want to send me off every game no problem," said the feisty Italian.

The former West Ham player was no stranger to an outburst and also blasted his players while Sunderland manager.

"Whose phone is that? " - Roy Keane, 2009

The then Ipswich managed was annoyed by a journalist's phone ringing during a news conference.

Keane: "Whose phone is that, that's the second time it has gone off?"

Journalist: "That's my phone, sorry."

Keane: "Why don't you turn it off?"

Journalist: "I will turn it off in a minute, thought I'd let it ring out."

Keane: "Oh right? that's good manners."

Managers ranting is one thing, but what about being attacked by one?

That was the fate suffered by BBC Scotland's John Barnes in 2000 when he asked legendary former Dundee United manager - then chairman - Jim McLean about the future of boss Alex Smith.

McLean didn't like the question so stepped menacingly towards Barnes and, out of shot, he is then said to have struck Barnes on the face with his fist, leaving the reporter bleeding from a cut lip.

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