Newcastle United boss John Carver to meet disgruntled fans

John Carver
Newcastle have won just two of their 14 Premier League games under John Carver

Newcastle boss John Carver has invited two fans who were part of a group who confronted him in Saturday's defeat by Swansea "for a cup of tea" to discuss their grievances.

Carver, 50, was involved in a heated exchange with several home fans as Newcastle lost 3-2 at St James' Park.

It was their seventh straight defeat and leaves them five points above the Premier League relegation zone.

"It's important I explain some of my actions," said Carver.

"I don't have to, but I think it's important. I'm one of them - and I want them to see I can relate to them and give them a bit of time.

"It'll be interesting to see what they say, it won't all be me me me, it will be a two-way conversation."

Newcastle fans
Newcastle fans vent their frustration at Carver (fourth right) at the weekend

Carver, who has a contract until the end of the season, has come under pressure because of Newcastle's poor run of form under him.

Since former manager Alan Pardew left to take charge of Crystal Palace, Newcastle have won just two of their 14 Premier League games.

Carver plans to allow the two fans to see how he prepares for Saturday's game at Leicester.

He added: "I'll show them a little of the preparation going into the game so they have some understanding - without giving away too much of the team - and the planning we put into the week.

"It's not to get them in to have a roll around the office. I'm happy to answer their questions and have a really good conversation and say 'this is what we do'.

"I'm not one looking for sympathy but it's about getting them to understand better."

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