Spain approves new law on the sale of TV rights

La Liga clubs will get 90% of total revenues from the sale of the rights

Real Madrid and Barcelona are being stopped from negotiating their own lucrative television rights deals under a new Spanish law.

New rules, coming into force in 2016, will see rights to show La Liga pooled and sold collectively, bringing it more in line with the Premier League.

The deal, which could see broadcasters pay far more, will still benefit the bigger clubs but to a lesser extent.

A ministry spokesman said the changes allow Spain to "adapt to modern times".

The ruling will regulate the rights to transmit games in the Spanish first and second divisions as well as the Copa del Rey and Super Cup competitions.

Of total revenues from the sale of the rights, 90% will go to all of the clubs in La Liga - half of that money will be shared equally between the 20 clubs, with the other half divided up according to criteria including recent performance and size.

The other 10% will go to second division clubs, with 70% of that money being divided equally.

Sport ministry spokesman Miguel Cardenal added: "You just have to see that last year the club that came last in the Premier League earned more than [current Spanish champions] Atletico Madrid," Cardenal said.

In February, the Premier League sold television rights to its games for three seasons from 2016-17 for a record £5.136bn.

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