Williamson: John Carver says defender 'got sent off on purpose'

Williamson sent off on purpose - Carver

Newcastle United manager John Carver thinks his defender Mike Williamson was sent off on purpose as an "easy way out" in their 3-0 defeat by Leicester.

The centre-back was shown a second yellow for barging Jamie Vardy when the pair were off the pitch, while Daryl Janmaat was also sent off later on.

"I thought he'd done that on purpose - it looks like he did," Carver said.

"The ball was off the pitch - he had no need to make the challenge. He will miss two games. Is it an easy way out?"

Carver had not calmed down by the time of the post-match news conference.

"I thought he meant it. When the ball went on to that left-hand side my first reaction was don't do it. He did it. Vardy was off the pitch, Willo was off the pitch, the ball was off the pitch. There was no need to do it and I'm not accepting that.

"I told him that to his face. I don't want to go into his reaction."

Carver was furious with his side and in honest post-match interviews said:

  • "On a scale of one to 10, it is a minus 10."
  • "I asked if everyone understood their roles and responsibilities. I can't go and mark men on the pitch myself."
  • "If we're not willing to compete, get your head onto the ball and risk getting an injury, you won't get anywhere."
  • "We'll have an open discussion on Monday - it'll be interesting."
  • "There might have been players who didn't try - maybe they don't think they'll get a new contract or be here next year. But they're getting paid and should try."

BBC pundit Martin Keown said Carver "is taking players apart" and he should be supportive publicly. Robbie Savage said it was "one of the worst sides I have ever seen in the Premier League".

Mike Williamson
Mike Williamson was sent off after just over an hour

Of his side's other red card, Carver said: "I got keeper Tim Krul to speak to Daryl Janmaat, I told him to stay calm and he didn't. The game had gone away from us. We can't keep shooting ourselves in the foot."

The Magpies are in relegation trouble having lost eight consecutive Premier League games under Carver, who is in charge until the end of the season.

Newcastle conceded a Leonardo Ulloa goal after 38 seconds and a Wes Morgan strike in the 17th minute. Ulloa sealed the game after the break from a penalty.

'Carver is out of his depth'

Carver out of his depth - Keown

Former Arsenal centre-back Keown on Final Score was not impressed with the Newcastle manager.

"When you're in a position like Newcastle are in, you have to stick together, but John Carver is digging players out. There was a lack of desire, granted, but he is out of his depth at the moment.

"It's not just about demanding the effort. He needs guidance on how to behave because he is taking players apart. Just don't say it. If he was an experienced head, a long-term manager, he wouldn't do that."

Former Newcastle striker Michael Owensaid on Twitter:external-link "Amazing quotes from Carver. Fans may like that type of honesty but as a manager, I'm not sure you can say things like that. I guess we haven't heard the end of this one."

But ex-Manchester United defender Phil Neville, speaking on Match of the Day, felt Carver's criticism of his team's performance was justified: "The comments about his Newcastle team were strong from John Carver, but they could've been stronger. The Newcastle players were a disgrace.

"Mike Williamson's sending-off was a reckless challenge, but I don't think he did it on purpose and that was a silly comment from the manager to suggest he did.

"But I look at Newcastle and see the supporters protesting, the manager having a go at the players and the players playing like that. They're in a sorry state."

'Never seen such a poor display'

Former Derby midfielder Savage on BBC Radio 5 live:"Mike Williamson's challenge was bizarre, with Jamie Vardy off the pitch. Daryl Janmaat's challenge was stupid and meant they finished with nine men. There was a real lack of discipline.

"The performance from some of the Newcastle players was so, so poor. I have never seen such a poor display from a group of players. That was one of the worst sides I have ever seen in the Premier League.

"I played in the worst Premier League team of all time - that Derby side of 2007-08 - and there were times when, with the crowd against you, that I thought: 'If I get sent of here I'll miss the next few games.' Because playing was making it worse.

"There are only two people who will ever know - Williamson and Janmaat."

'Worst-case scenario for Newcastle'

Ex-Nottingham Forest manager Stuart Pearce was at King Power Stadium for BBC 5 live.

"The worst-case scenario you could paint for the football club has happened - they lost 3-0 and had two players sent off. The finger of blame should not be pointed at the manager but solely at the players. They need to give more for this wonderful club."

Former Leicester striker Dion Dublin told Final Score: "It's harsh from the manager. I think a lot of it is because he's just finished the game. For me it's similar to Nigel Pearson and the comments he made the other night in his post-match press conference, for which he has since apologised.

"I don't know any players who would want to get sent off so they can get out of the firing line. I'm hoping John Carver is just trying to put the pressure on himself because they have had a stinking set of results. It's woeful to see a club like Newcastle suffering like they are."

How the journalists saw his news conference

Northern Echo journalist Scott Wilson on Twitter:external-link "Brutal honesty from Carver with written press. Completely stood by Williamson comments and said Colback/Krul only players excused of blame."

The Set Pieces editor Iain Macintosh:external-link "That's the most extraordinary press conference I've ever attended. Carver absolutely destroyed everyone, save for Colback and Krul. Those players aren't going to let Carver on the bus home."

Irish Independent journalist Dion Fanning: external-link"John Carver seems to have taken Nigel Pearson's midweek press conference as a personal challenge. Astonishing performance."

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