Chelsea: Premier League title a reward for risk - Jose Mourinho

Five reasons why Chelsea won the Premier League
By BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says the Premier League title is his reward for the risk he took in returning to Stamford Bridge for a second spell.

Eden Hazard's goal gave Chelsea the 1-0 win over Crystal Palace that saw them crowned as champions.

Mourinho also said he will stay for as long as owner Roman Abramovich wants.

He said: "When you go back to where you had success before you risk a bit of your prestige and your history. I risked it but I can say we won again."

Mourinho feels 'happy, proud and tired'

Mourinho won two titles in his first stint in charge and claimed his third after coming back to Chelsea at the start of last season.

He said: "I could choose another club in another country where it is easier to be champion but I chose the most difficult league in Europe where I was happy before.

"In my country, Portugal, we say don't go back to where you were happy before because it is a risk.

"But I have taken that risk and I'm so happy because I won another Premier League 10 years later in my second spell.

"To win titles with two generations, 10 years apart, I feel I have a place in Chelsea's history"

'The dogs bark and the caravan goes by'

Mourinho flew to Portugal following the win at Leicester City on Wednesday to be with his father as he underwent surgery, but was back to lead Chelsea on Sunday and insisted they would be regarded as worthy champions.

He said: "I think we showed everything football demands from a team since day one. We have had fantastic attacking football, fantastic domination, high possession, low possession and defended amazingly well.

"There is a saying in my country for the ones that have big faces and say we don't deserve it - 'the dogs bark and the caravan goes by'. They may not say but they know."

And he reiterated his desire to stay at Chelsea for the long term, saying: "I will stay here until Mr Abramovich says anything. The day he tells me to go I will go.

"He is the man that has won every title at Chelsea. Some players did some titles and not others, some managers did some titles and not others. Mr Abramovich is the only one who has won everything."

'I thought it was a dream'

Chelsea captain John Terry: "It's an unbelievable feeling. We've worked so hard, so to get over the line is great. It was a bit nervy - they are a good side and made it difficult. Thankfully Eden got the goal and we won the game.

"One person - they know who they are - said I couldn't play twice in a week and I proved them wrong. I've got great players and a great manager.

"This is what I live for. It's been five years since we've won it. The first one was special and you go four or five years without it and that hurts. So I'll really enjoy it today."

How Mourinho devised 'genius' defence

Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matic: "It is special to me. I couldn't believe [the scenes at the final whistle] - I thought it was a dream. When you see how many good teams play in this league, we are proud. This is why we play our football. We showed we have a winning mentality."

Chelsea defender Cesar Azpilicueta: "Mourinho is a very big influence - we needed him. He has come to this team, we have won two trophies this year and we want to go and win more trophies. For me he has confidence in me and I am grateful to him."

Chelsea striker Didier Drogba: "This one is sweet. Chelsea will always be my number one club. It's my third time to win it in front of the fans and it's amazing. What next? A good rest and a good celebration."

Chelsea forward Eden Hazard: "We deserve to be champions, and everyone at Chelsea is happy today. The manager gives me a lot of feelings and I can play my best football on the pitch which is the most important thing. I know the team need me and a player like me. "

Worthy champions

Former England striker Alan Shearer: "Not once have I thought any team would win the league other than Chelsea. Yes, they have one or two slips, but they have been the best team and the team to beat.

"No one should throw any tag at Chelsea other than worthy champions. Not every team can go through a season brilliant in every game. Chelsea were brilliant until February and deserve the right to see themselves over the line.

Penalty decision tough call - Pardew

"Chelsea can only look after what they have to do. Other teams have been very disappointing, they have spent a hell of a lot of money and are further from Chelsea than they have been for a long time.

"Jose Mourinho is serial winner. I am sure he was hurt at what happened last year. He deserves the title because he is the best manager and he has the best players."

Crystal Palace boss Alan Pardew: "Congratulations to Chelsea and Jose Mourinho and his players. They thoroughly deserve to win it and they're a credit to football.

"This Chelsea team were flamboyant in the first half of the season and did the job in the second half of the campaign. They have all the tools you need to win it.

Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart: "Congratulations to Chelsea on winning the title - it is well deserved.

"To lead from the front and stay there - we've done that before and it's difficult - is impressive. But they know we will be back stronger next season."

Liverpool defender Jose Enrique on Twitter:external-link Congratulations to Chelsea FC for the Premier title this season. Completely deserve it.

Leicester City defender Danny Simpson on Twitter:external-link Congratulations to Chelsea on winning the league. Have to admit they thoroughly deserve it.

The stats

Jose Mourinho's trophies
Jose Mourinho has drawn level with Arsene Wenger on three Premier League title wins - only Sir Alex Ferguson has more (13)
Premier League
Chelsea have now won four Premier League titles
Combining his two spells in England, Mourinho's win percentage is better than any manager in Premier League history
Cesc Fabregas
Cesc Fabregas's 30 assists this season is more than any player in the top five European leagues

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